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Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and now Facebook Stories give you more opportunities to showcase yourself and your brand on Social Media. Trend forecasts show that more and more businesses will be using Facebook Live as a means to engage with their perspective clients. Why? Well for one by using Facebook Live, you give your followers and sneak preview before anyone else, with live notifications of when and where you are broadcasting. Here are some tips and tricks when going on Facebook live.

1. Be Humble. Be Yourself.

Nobody likes to watch someone talk about how great they are for 5 minutes or more. You may capture your viewer within the first 5 seconds of going live, but within 2 minutes they will get bored of your lack of viewer engagement and they will stop watching. Ask yourself what the viewer might want to see, and give them that, which means interesting places you visited, interviews with interesting people, and perhaps 5 minutes of your kitten love,but make it about the viewer and less about you.

2. Watch your body language.

If you’re video is being broadcasted in VLOG form, and you are talking about something watch out for your body language. Refer from crossing your arms or legs, this tends to make your viewers uncomfortable, keep your voice soft yet enthusiastic, and let your hands do the talking. Viewers will be listening to your hands more then your voice, so be careful how you use them.

3. Show your viewers what they don’t know.

That cool nature walk, that neat corner store with all the delicious imported goodies, the local Farmer’s Market, show your viewers something new. And if this is a landmark sight. Show your viewers what they want. It’s like that time I went to that Aerosmith Concert, but he played only his new music and none of his classic hits, think of your post like a concert. Find a good balance between classic hits and new music.

Most importantly Have Fun!




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