Post a photo that illustrates what motivates you. Include a short description and or mantra.


This can showcase a special memory travelling, a road trip to the country side. It can also be used to appeal to tourists that are visiting your neck of the woods. So you may include local concerts, restaurants, cafes, bars, festivals or special people in these kind of posts.


You’ve got to the halfway point of your week. Try highlighting behind the scenes of your life at work, school or home with the kids, a typical Wednesday in your life. Or illustrate your hopes for the weekend by telling your followers about your weekend plans.


Thursday. Anything goes.


Friday posts should be a celebration of your week. Show off your accomplishments, good times with work mates and or loved ones.


Yes cat people. Saturday is your day to go nuts.


Lazy in pajamas drinkin’ coffee? Do you work weekends? Are you just getting home from a late night? Or has the party just begun? Brunch with family? Wearing your Sunday Best for Church? Whatever Sunday means to you, showcase it with joy.



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