Melodie and Lucie

30 interesting Facts about us.

  1. Lucie’s favorite colour is blue, purple and sometimes green.
  2. We own a cat named Putty.
  3. Putty is 16 years old.
  4. Putty has a specific meow, he actually says Mellllll
  5. Lucie brushes Putty every day.
  6. When Melodie was little she wanted to be a vet, but was too squeamish when it came to the sight of blood.
  7. Melodie’s grandma Ina was an egg farmer in Shefford’s County.
  8. Melodie once nursed a guinea hen back to health after it got trampled on by the other hens.
  9. As a grade 5 science project Melodie had her pet guinea pigs mate to see what their offspring would look like. The project was on genetics. She loved her guinea pigs.
  10. Melodie is the older sister of twins.
  11. Lucie plays soccer and likes to swim.
  12. Last winter, Lucie and Melodie visited a turtle rehabilitation centre in Boca Raton, Florida.
  13. Lucie loves the ocean.
  14. When Melodie was little her late Zaida and her would spend hours collecting seashells on the beach.
  15. Melodie still has some of these seashells.
  16. Melodie is a Third Generation Holocaust Survivor, and feels a deep connection to this part of her family’s past to her present identity.
  17. Lucie is named after Melodie’s late Great-Aunt Lusia, that helped to save her bubby from the War.
  18. Lucie’s nickname is Lucie in the Sky With Diamonds.
  19. Melodie was 5 months pregnant with Lucie when she accepted her B.A. Double Majoring in Political Science and Public Policy and Affairs from Concordia University.
  20. Melodie considers herself a feminist which means the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.
  21. Melodie is a strong advocate for Children’s programming and education.
  22. Lucie has a huge collection of children’s books, but can’t seem to pick a favorite yet.
  23. Melodie’s favorite book is Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.
  24. Melodie is fluent in English and French, with a strong understanding of Yiddish and Hebrew.
  25. Melodie can read Hebrew.
  26. Lucie is learning English, French, Hebrew and Yiddish expressions.
  27. Lucie’s favorite Yiddish Words are, oyyyyy veyyyy, Pippick (belly button), pulka, and grosse pisque.
  28. Melodie has always wanted to visit Europe to see where her family came from.
  29. Lucie loves watching the fireworks in the Summer time.
  30. Lucie’s favorite toy is a hand-me-down doll house.



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