1. Post, Post, Post.

Be sure to post minimum 4 times/day. While it may not seem like a lot, when you are working on many clients at once 4 times a day can turn into 20. I really like to use Buffer to schedule all these in advance. It is debatable, but I recently learned that posts without pictures do better than posts with photos. So post questions on your page to generate more engagement, but if posts fall flat try liking it yourself. If this still doesn’t work delete it. But, and it’s a big but, never judge your posts by likes only.

The best way to tell if a post is doing well, is by its reach, be easy on yourself. Set reasonable goals. For newbies with less than 70 followers congratulate yourself for posts that reach 300 or more. Posts reaching 1000+ more in reach are golden. Facebook likes to reward pages that do well in their algorithms so if you have a good reach, but low likes don’t fret, facebook will showcase it first in your followers feed to help you out a bit.

Always share content from your business page onto your personal profile. It shows it’s been seen, and you’ll get a little boost in its algorithm again. Those big following pages you follow such as Huffington Post or Scary Mommy, if you find an article that suits your brand, share it on your page. These pages like having their stuff shared, and because they are well known sources on Facebook, again you will get a little boost in algorithm. At the same time find out what is trending on Facebook. You can find out what’s trending on the right side of your Facebook home feed. Share any relevant posts like these on your page as well.

2. Add people to your page.

Be sure to always add your friends. But how do you add people that aren’t your friends to your page? On a post that has more then 3 likes, it will say something like eg. John Doe, Jane Doe and 130 others like your post. Click on the amount in front of others, it will bring you to a drop down menu, where you will have the option of adding these people to your page.

3. Use Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are a great way to promote your niche. Just don’t go spam crazy or troll, people won’t want to engage with you, and will right out ignore you or you might get deleted and banned from the page. Some Social Media pages I really like are Blogger Insights  or Boost your Blog. Or you can be daring and start your own.

When in doubt use Instagram. Like companion planting in gardening, Instagram and Facebook are good friends. If you want a quick boost in followers do this trick in Instagram. Make a simple graphic asking people to follow you on Facebook, and post it on Instagram. In the profile section, temporarily remove your website, and add the link to your Facebook. A lot of people will say to me, but won’t this take away from the purpose of people clicking on your website and leading to a new client. No. The people that click on your Facebook Page, will also Click on your Website on Facebook, so it’s a win/win.

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